43 Great Free Tools For Teachers From edshelf


by edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education

Who doesn’t love free? As a teacher who needs to buy your own chalk and paperclips, it’s nice to know there are oodles of free online resources you can use. Public school teacher Sarah Price shares her favorite free websites and mobile apps, such as Symbaloo, TED-Ed, and LiveBinders.

What are your favorite free tools for teachers?

43 Great Free Tools for Teachers From edshelf

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  • Poll and Match
    Poll & Match makes it easy to collect ranked preferences and assign top choices. Set up a survey and quickly collect your users’ ranked preferences. After the poll results are in, match users to their top choice based on your criteria. A useful tool for:

    – teachers who need to assign students to classes or groups based on ranked preferences
    – event planners who need to survey participants and allocate resources fairly

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